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In a startling twist to the long-running mystery behind NATALIE WOOD’s death, shocking new evidence may prove the beloved actress was murdered! Read More
CAMERON DIAZ rushed into her marriage to rock star Benji Madden – and now The ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal that the 42-year-old star is pregnant! Read More
BRUCE JENNER’s bizarre surgeries have turned into a living nightmare – insiders. Read More
HALLE BERRY has hit hot-tempered hubby Olivier Martinez with an ultimatum: “Get counseling if you want to save our 
marriage!” Read More
LINDSAY LOHAN hospitalized in the UK after contracting rare virus in French Polynesia. Read More
After an unarmed woman was shot to death in Washington, D.C., President BARACK OBAMA is being accused of having her killed to cover up a shocking “love child” scandal! Read More
She talked about the death of her first love while promo-ing a new film – now JENNIFER ANISTON’s been publicly shamed by the dead man’s widow! Read More
A creepy-looking JOHN TRAVOLTA raised eyebrows by chatting with a handsome stranger in an empty Florida gym during the wee hours. Read More
DICK VAN DYKE ready to tell all in no-holds-barred memoir! Read More
Hot on the heels of the release of unclassified UFO documents from the USAF Project Blue Book comes reports of astronomers receiving a live alien outburst from deep space. Read More