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FBI statistics show you have a 50 percent chance of falling prey to violent crime — but the BOLO Safety video series can help save your life and the lives of your loved ones, experts said!


The BOLO Safety app— which is police shorthand for be on the lookout — features step-by-step instructional videos you can watch on your phone or computer with more than 350 tips designed to reduce your risk of danger. Former Atlanta homicide detective Danny Stephens developed the app using the crime-busting skills honed during a 32-year career nabbing murderers, burglars, thieves and child molesters.


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“I can tell you from experience the average person doesn’t know how dangerous the world is!” warned Stephens, who’s now a captain with the police department in Cumming, Ga. “Criminals exploit weaknesses and they look for victims that make easy prey on a daily basis. “In your lifetime there is a 50 percent chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime — and the odds are even higher for your children!”


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Police learn from others’ mistakes, Stephens added, and he’s used that knowledge in creating BOLO Safety.


A few of the BOLO Program Safety Tips include:

Secure your home’s rear entrance with a three inch deadbolt lock. Burglars typically knock on the front door to see if anyone is home, and then kick through the back or side door to get inside. If you have a video doorbell, they may go directly to the back or side door.

Never sit near the cash register in a restaurant. That’s where a robber will stand — and if police show up, you can easily be grabbed as a hostage


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Additional tips you’ll learn when you subscribe to BOLO Safety include:

Tips on how to protect yourself and your property when workmen are at your home

Best places to park in parking lots and garages to avoid being assaulted

✚ How to prevent a carjacking or robbery when getting gas

✚ Tips on how to make yourself less of a target while shopping for groceries or at the mall

Safeguarding your children at school, the bus stop and on field trips

Protecting your children from cyber criminals

What to do in an active shooter situation


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These essential tips and dozens more are always available to you and your family when you subscribe to BOLO Safety. In addition, BOLO Safety sends you a 60-second “BOLO on the go” video each week to keep personal safety top of mind and help you make these simple-to-learn fundamentals part of your daily routine. This is how police officers teach their own families to help keep themselves safe.




You can subscribe to BOLO Safety at for just $4.95 per month and cancel at any time. It’s like having your own personal safety coach to help you and your family be more aware and live safer in your everyday lives.