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Heather Locklear Caught Popping Pills!

Friends Fear For Troubled Rehab Grad!

Heather Locklear Caught Popping Pills
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Trainwreck Heather Locklear gobbled prescription meds in a parking lot — prompting pals to fear she’s headed to jail!

The former Melrose Place star — who completed a court-ordered rehab stint Sept. 20 — had barely left an L.A. pharmacy on December 3rd when she opened a pill bottle and downed some of its contents!

Heather Locklear Caught Popping Pills


“It’s worrying that Heather couldn’t wait until she got to the car or back home before starting on the pills!” dished a source.

Heather, 58, had been Christmas shopping with her assistant and slumped against a wall to take a phone call after leaving the pharmacy.

There’s no indication she took more than a prescribed dose of medication, but her erratic behavior has led to numerous run-ins with the police.

Heather Locklear FaceTiming In Parking Lot Wearing Gray Sweatshirt and Black Baseball Cap, Heather Locklear Caught Popping Pills


In August the actress pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor charges of battery and resisting officers for incidents that occurred in 2018.

To avoid two months in jail, she agreed to spend 30 days in a residential treatment program and was placed on informal probation for three years.

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“Heather’s broken her sobriety many times before, but this time the courts are serious,” added the source.

“If she gets drunk or abuses medication of any kind, even prescription medication, she could face prison!”