Heather Locklear Is Back in Rehab!

‘Melrose Place’ star decided she needed help after a blowout fight, insider claims.

Heather Locklear Back In Rehab

Train wreck Heather Locklear has gone off the rails again — and made yet another stop in rehab.

A brief period of sobriety for the 57-year-old Melrose Place mess, who was also focused on reviving her dead-as-a-doornail career, ended after an ugly spat with boyfriend Chris Heisser, sources dished.

The couple, who have a history of fiery flare-ups, squared off in late April, insiders said.

“Heather and Chris got into a screaming match, and after they finally cooled down she realized she’d lost control again and decided she needed to head back to rehab!” an insider snitched.

The deranged Dynasty beauty and Chris, her high school sweetheart, have been an explosive combination since reuniting in 2017 — and she was committed to a psych ward on Nov. 18, 2018.

As The National ENQUIRER exclusively revealed, the boozing pillpopper hurled vulgar insults at cops and swigged tequila before she was committed — for a 72-hour stay that was extended for another 14 days!

Heather was also hauled off to a psych ward against her will last June and was facing charges for battery on a police officer, along with resisting arrest after cops tried to break up another dispute with Chris in February!

“This is always the way it goes with Heather,” the insider snitched. “She goes off the deep end and gets into it with Chris or whoever else is around, and then she realizes she needs to get help!

“We’re all praying that this time it will work.”