Double Delight!

Royal Joy! Kate’s Expecting Twins!

Stunning news brings new life to dying queen.

Smiling Prince William and Duchess Catherine (Kate Middleton), Inset Queen Elizabeth II
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Prince William’s beautiful wife, Kate, is pregnant with twins — and the historic news is giving dying Queen Elizabeth new hope for the future and a reason to fight for life, sources told The National ENQUIRER in a world exclusive report!

The 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a boy and a girl in early May, and their frail 93-year-old great-grandmother has said the double birth is the greatest Christmas gift she can receive, a palace courtier told The ENQUIRER.

Naturally, William is delighted, too. But not all members of the royal family feel the same way. William’s sister-in-law, Meghan, and her blue-blood hubby, Harry, were furious when they learned Her Majesty’s reaction to the baby news, the courtier said.

“Meghan and Harry were totally consumed by jealousy!” another palace insider confided to The ENQUIRER in a world exclusive. “Meghan hissed she was ‘sick of Kate being the queen’s favorite’ and ranted at Harry because Her Majesty didn’t attend the christening of their son, Archie.

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“Harry was little better. They were both petulant and petty, attacking William and Kate for contributing to global overpopulation, of all things.”

Once the twins arrive, the future king and his wife will have five children. They were surprised by the pregnancy, the courtier dished.

“They had pretty much decided they were done in the baby-making department — three rambunctious kids were enough to handle as their royal roles expanded,” added the courtier.

“But the fertility gods obviously had other ideas!

“Now they’re praying Kate won’t be stricken with the debilitating morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, that plagued her other pregnancies and even landed her in the hospital. And incredibly, so far, so good.”

For the queen, the surprise pregnancy was “just what she needed” as the palace reels under scandals and crises that threaten the monarchy, the courtier revealed.

“She’s struggling to keep control as problems pile up, inside and outside the family,” the courtier said.

“And she’s having to do it alone since her husband, Prince Philip, is 98 and retired, living on their Sandringham estate 100 miles from Buckingham Palace.

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“But once again, it’s Kate — who Her Majesty trusts and relies on more than anyone these days — who has come to the rescue!

“The twins are giving the queen hope the royals can survive the latest disasters that make it look like the family’s driving off a cliff with no one at the wheel!”

The royals have faced a barrage of scandals in 2019, leaving Her Majesty at her wit’s end.

“The year started with Philip crashing into another car injuring a woman, and continued with the bitter rift between William and Harry,” dished the insider.

“It spiked with Prince Andrew’s train-wreck BBC interview defending his friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“But William and Kate’s babies are giving the queen renewed resolve not to give in — or give up!”

The Cambridge twins will be the first in the royal family in 590 years!

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Though double births run in both families — William, 37, has identical twin cousins on his mother Princess Diana’s side, and Kate’s paternal grandmother was a twin — the last royal-blooded pair was in 1430!

The one person more thrilled than Her Majesty about the impending births is Princess Charlotte, 4!

“She has a special bond with her six-year-old brother, George, and is close to 19-month-old Louis, but she’s been desperately begging for a sister,” said the source.

“And since twins often arrive early, she could get her wish on her birthday, May 2!”