Body Tune-up Can’t Hide Same Old Wendy Williams!

Wendy Williams Honored With a Star at the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Wacky Wendy Williams splurged on a surgical overhaul as she plots her TV comeback, but the former daytime yakker’s massive makeover can’t mask her batty behavior, tipsters tell The National ENQUIRER.

According to an insider, Wendy looks fresh-faced and bustier, which “people around her are saying is due to a new boob job and a long list of other cosmetic procedures.”

Wendy, 57, appeared healthy in a cleavage-baring gown May 2 in NYC. But the insider spills, “Something was very off with her. She didn’t even recognize a friend who went up to say hi.”

As The ENQUIRER reported, the recovering cocaine addict lost her Wendy Williams Show after being sidelined by health woes for months. She was also locked out of a bank account containing millions after a now-fired financial advisor labeled her mentally unfit. However, sources say the determined diva, who insists she’s in tip-top mental health, still scrounged up enough cash to spruce up her sagging assets!

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert H. Cohen, who has not treated Wendy, tells The ENQUIRER the motormouth may have had a breast lift and “some minor injectables” in her face.

The insider huffs, “She’s suddenly polished on the outside — but she’s still a trainwreck!”