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Anthony Puzo, son of The Godfather creator Mario Puzo, has sued Paramount Pictures. Puzo claims the studio owes $1 mil in back royalties from a video game based on the mob franchise. Read More
Ready-to-birth Nicole Kidman has a new way to foil berserk paparazzi - her bodyguard lies down in the middle of the street to thwart car chasing paps! Read More
The ENQUIRER exclusively reveals Jamie Lynn Spears has given birth to a girl via C-sectionl! Read More
Famed celebrity psychic Uri Geller and two partners lost a federal lawsuit citing that the owners of Elvis Presley's home  had reneged on a deal to buy the pre-Graceland abode via eBay. Read More
Never let it be said that Matthew McConaughey is not one to party down - even if it's face down in the Nicaraguan surf. Read More
Britney Spears has vanished.  She's pulled up her traveling revival side show and gone poof -- destination unknown. Read More
Students at a New York City school were shocked by Jennifer Lopez after she responded to their fan mail.   Read More
Hollywood dance queen Cyd Charisse who partnered with Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in the great movie musicals is dead at 86. Read More
Actress Anne Hathaway braved the foreboding flash and fanfare of the Get Smart red carpet alone. It was splitsville for Agent 99 and longtime BF, Raffaello Follieri, according to the Daily Mail. Read More
Plastic surgery gone bad poster child  and sometime red carpet comedienne Joan Rivers got the boot from live TV. For saying a nasty - not once, but twice. Read More