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As The ENQUIRER first reported,  Simon Cowell will leave American Idol after this season. Read More
Mark McGwire,  who broke Roger Maris' 61 homerun record, FINALLY admits to using steroids. Read More
Sarah Palin inks a multi-year deal to join Fox News, effective immediately. Read More
Pity the poor celeubtard unkind - tweetin' maniac Tila Tequila never got to say goodbye to fiancee Q-Tip queen Casey Johnson. Read More
There's a diamond in Taylor Swift's future - and it's part of Taylor Lautner's plan to win her back! Read More
Top Washington political blogger says the NATIONAL ENQUIRER should get the Pulitzer Prize for historic John Edwards investigation. Read More
Mel Gibson, who imploded his own marriage with a sexy mistress has some advice for the King of Swing, Tiger Woods.  Man up! Read More
The creator of kid vid classic Gumby, stop-motion animator Art Clokey, dead at 88. Read More
Cancer-ridden Elizabeth Edwards ripped open her shirt screaming "Look at ME!" at a terrified John Edwards after his affair with Rielle Hunter was first exposed by The ENQUIRER, a new ... Read More
Has George Clooney finally met his match? Read More