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A furious Oprah Winfrey has fired off a message of warning to Rosie O'Donnell - no more gay talk about her or BFF Gayle King. Read More
As arch-nemesis Sarah Palin steels herself for whirlwind tour of media outlets and bucolic markets to launch new ghost-written book, Levi Johnston girds loins for nude debut. Read More
Fergie battles to save her 10-month-old marriage to Josh Duhamel after he was caught cheating on her with a stripper. SEE VIDEO AND POLYGRAPH RESULTS! Read More
Kim Kardashian enters boxing ring, leaves with black eye while brother Rob ends up in hospital. Read More
Despite maintaining a veil of secrecy on her ten year marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman opens up, revealing the kinky secrets of her Eyes Wide Shut union. Read More
Buried remains now total 11 found by police at home of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell in Cleveland. Read More
HEAR Lindsay Lohan dramatic phone call to her father as she desperately begs for help! Read More
Jon Gosselin needs mucho dinero and if it means putting GF Hailey on TV to bad mouth him then so be it! And vice versa! Read More
Beloved Laverne & Shirley star Penny Marshall is battling for her life after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. Read More
A top contributor to John Edwards' failed presidential bid was killed just as it appeared he might be called to testify before a federal grand jury probing Edwards' campaign finances. Read More