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NICHOLAS HARTMANN killed his wife with a baseball bat – then coolly went back to work at the Home Depot like nothing hap­pened! Read More
Move over, BONNIE & CLYDE! There’s a new pair of bank robbers around – and they’re a mother-daughter duo! Read More
Los Angeles investigators are probing the possibility that LUKA ROCCO MAGNOTTA, the gay porno star suspected of slaughtering a student before eating him may be a suspect in the Hollywood sign murder. Read More
Despite the CDC’s denial of a zombie apocalypse, a shocking new violent cannibal attack seems to indicate end times are nigh – or mad men hopped up on bath salts are hungry – for human flesh! Read More
The shocking truth behind the MIAMI CANNIBAL ATTACKER who gnawed a homeless man’s face off while high on bath salts! Read More
ROBYN GARDNER’s mys­terious disappearance in Aruba may finally be solved with help from a woman who was busted having sex in a car with prime suspect GARY GIORDANO! Read More
NEW DETAILS: Berlin cops collar gay porn star LUKA ROCCO MAGNOTTA after an international manhunt for the psycho cannibal killer. Read More
DEPRAVED sex offender stooped to a new low when he broke into a children’s hospital and stole video games used to entertain sick kids while they received cancer treatment! Read More
GARY GIORDANO, the prime suspect in the Aruba disappearance of ROBYN GARDNER, has been arrested for “sexual activity” in broad daylight! Read More
D’oh! Pretty dumb idea for Michael Baker to steal gas from the tank of a police car and then OUT himself on Facebook! Read More