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According to the Medical examiner’s report the Miami flesh eater who ate a homeless man’s face there were no bath salts in his system but he was actually stoned out of his mind on marijuana. Read More
He defended her BUT now lawyer JOSE BAEZ defames former client CASEY ANTHONY as having “serious mental health issues” in his new book. Read More
Police reopen investigation 45 years later into the death of actor DYLAN McDERMOTT’s mother, determining she was slain by mob lover and did not kill herself. Read More
Convicted pedophile JERRY SANDUSKY taunted by prisoners singing Pink Floyd child abuse song. Read More
Homeland Security nabs TYRANNOSAURUS REX bones after bitter battle! Read More
“THE DATING GAME” serial killer RODNEY ALCALA arrives in New York on charges he murdered two women during the 1970s. SEE VIDEO Read More
Days before his trial for kidnapping, raping and beating one woman, evil SCARFACE URBINA struck again – killing his next vic in his auto body shop. The FBI needs YOUR help! Read More
The defense in the JERRY SANDUSKY sexual molestation trial has rested its case without ever calling the alleged perv to the stand. See JOHN EDWARDS, CASEY ANTHONY, OJ SIMPSON trials. Will he WALK?! Read More
Exonerated murder mom CASEY ANTHONY has been keeping a secret diary and now she plans to publish it as a book! Read More
GARY GIORDANO, the suspect in the disappearance of ROBYN GARDNER is suing to get the $3.5 million life insurance policy payout he took out on the missing blonde beauty. Read More