Sammy The Bull Gores John Gotti

Stool pigeon considered whacking the godfather himself.

John Gotti and Screen grab of Salvatore Sammy The Bull Gravano
Shutterstock; Valuetainment/YouTube

Before he squealed about him to the feds, notorious hitman and stool pigeon Sammy “The Bull” Gravano was ready to rub out Mafia boss John Gotti — after the “Teflon Don” double-crossed him with plans to rat him out to authorities!

In his first video interview since a 1997 chat with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, the 74-year-old thug — who put Gotti away by singing to the FBI — revealed the murder plans he’d hatched before he flipped and tied his old godfather to a slew of slayings.

“Here’s my best f**king friend, my boss,’’ he says of Gotti, who got a life sentence and died in the slammer at 61 of throat cancer in 2002.

“I did so many things for this guy — I rigged the trials, I threatened people, I f**king bribed people, and he turns on me.

“I was betrayed by someone who’s a brother, a father, somebody you gave your whole life to,” Gravano complains.

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“When the rubber meets the road, he’s throwing you to the wolves. It broke my heart, it broke me.”

In the interview, Gravano reveals how he plotted to whack Gotti and a bunch of his wiseguy cronies, including the don’s brother Gene, now 73, who was released last year after serving 29 years on heroin charges.

The furious hitman thought, “F**k him, f**k the mob, I don’t give a f**k if I get killed” as he planned to wipe out the Gambino crime family.

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“I start thinking, ‘Where we’re gonna kill him? Who’s gonna drive him? Where we’re gonna bury him? Who do I have to kill? His brother, son, this one, that one, Genie Gotti?’ I happened to like Genie Gotti,” Gravano reveals.

“At one point, there was 14, 15 people on a piece of paper. Then I ripped it up and flushed it down the bowl.”

Instead, he spilled the beans to federal prosecutors, Gravano says in a YouTube talk with Patrick Bet-David.

Former Gambino hitman John Alite says Sammy probably would have gotten away with the whack job because the other crime families despised the Dapper Don’s flamboyant, media-grabbing lifestyle and his unsanctioned assassination of Gambino crime boss Paul “Big Paul” Castellano outside New York City’s Sparks Steak House in 1985.

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“When he hit Castellano … against the commission’s approval … he already had a bullet on his head if he didn’t go to jail,” notes Alite.

“Everybody was disenchanted” with Gotti, who was turning a secret society into a front-page fixture.

“He was the only Mafia don that was out there” advertising the formerly hush-hush hoodlums.

Gravano says Boston underboss Robert “Bobby” DeLuca, who’s currently serving five years in the Big House, told him, “ ‘Sammy, you wanna know the truth? I hear more crying and complaints about John than you, the position he put you in. And he betrayed you. When he betrayed you like that, that was a rat move.’ ”