ENQUIRER Exclusive!

John Gotti’s Brain Was Stolen By The Feds

Teflon Don's gray matter shipped to Gitmo for experiments!

John Gotti, the real-life godfather whose nicknames included “The Teflon Don,” died in prison serving life without parole for multi8ple crimes — and sticky-fingered G-men swiped his brain and shipped it to a super-secret facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba for scientific experimentation! This unsettling allegation comes to The National ENQUIRER by way of the Gambino crime family boss’ adopted son, Lewis Kasman.“What do you do with his brain?” a bewildered Kasman asked a supervisory FBI special agent after learning the Gotti’s noggin had been nabbed by the feds! “He says, ‘We take it to a behavioral science unit at Guantánamo,’ ” Kasman recalled. “I was just beside myself. I told him, ‘You guys are just disgusting. There’s no justice. You tortured him!’ ” Read on for details of the Gotti-brain-swipe mystery, and click here for more true crime news…