Phil Spector’s Losing His Hair And His Mind!

Friends say music man is crazed that he’ll never go-free!

Phil Spector’s Losing His Hair And His Mind!
Coleman-Rayner; Shutterstock

Twisted killer Phil Spector confessed he’s going bonkers behind bars!

Upon release of the convict’s latest mug shot, The National ENQUIRER can reveal a source said the “Be My Baby” producer, 80, told his few remaining pals he’s being driven “insane” by the idea he’ll never again be a free man!

The startling new prison pic (below), which marks the murderous monster’s tenth year as a jailbird, captures bald and wrinkled Spector with bloodshot eyes, two hearing aids and a scruffy face as he flashes a deranged smile!

producer Phil Spector is seen sporting a beard in a new jailhouse mugshot.

Photo: Coleman-Rayner

The wig-wearing maniac was sentenced to 19 years to life in 2009 for gunning down actress Lana Clarkson, and sources said he fell into a downward spiral after his last appeal was denied three years ago.

The California appellate court had also ruled “no further filings will be entertained,” making it likely the Grammy-winning goon will die in the big house, unless he’s miraculously paroled in 2028.

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And since being hit with the bombshell, an insider snitched to The ENQUIRER: “He’s fallen off a cliff.”

Sources said despondent Spector turns away visitors at the inmate medical facility in Stockton, where the 115-pound felon has been held since 2013 after throat polyps caused him to lose his voice for nine months.

“I’ve been a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice,” Spector said in a statement exclusively obtained by The ENQUIRER.

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Sources said the former record guru’s failed efforts to prove Lana committed suicide at his Los Angeles estate in 2003 have driven him mad and led him to charge he’s the true victim, who has been “caged like an animal!”

“He said he was shaking profusely and mentally going crazy!” an insider dished.

According to records obtained by The ENQUIRER, the sickly senior regularly downs meds for a variety of conditions, from seizures to schizophrenia.