Ronnie Spector Recalls Her Miserable Marriage To Sicko-Murderer Phil

"The #MeToo movement is now but I've felt that way all my life."

Ex-Wife Of Sicko Phil Spector Recalls Their Terrifying Marriage-HERO
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Ronnie Spector just chronicled her horrifying six-year-long marriage to Phil Spector in a rare interview with The Telegraph. She bravely declared: “All those years I went through hell only made me stronger.”

Today, the 75-year-old admitted that today, she’s realizing things she didn’t always know. “I did a lot of writing [on the songs] that I never got credit and I didn’t know that I was supposed to get credit. The #MeToo movement is now but I’ve felt that way all my life,” Ronnie, known as “The Bad Girl of Rock & Roll,” so candidly shared.

Ronnie also confessed she had no control when she was with the sicko murderer (he’s now serving 19 years to life for the 2003 murder of actress Lana Clarkson) while remembering the late Amy Winehouse. “When I was with Phil, I couldn’t get out, but you have to find a way, and you have to find a person you trust and unfortunately Amy didn’t have that. All the artists I’ve seen who’ve gone down the drain, they didn’t have anyone who loved them for them, not their money or glory or glamour,” she said.

Ex-Wife Of Sicko Phil Spector Recalls Their Terrifying Marriage-HERO

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The two previously said “I do” in April 1968, which marked the beginning of heir tumultuous union out in L.A. “He got me away from my family and all my friends,” Ronnie admitted. Not surprisingly, Spector did all he could to deliberately ruin his wife’s career. 

Ronnie turned to booze to get through those miserable times. “I would hold my nose and drink it down, so I could go to sleep and get away from his yelling. When I came back to New York, I got right back into singing, I never thought about drinking.”

It wasn’t until June 1972 when she literally escaped their troubled relationship after a physical altercation with Spector and her mom. Amid the argument, he insisted he had a gold, glass-top coffin for her so he could “keep an eye on her after she’s dead.” She kissed their 2-year-old adopted son, Donte, goodbye and left Spector behind for good. “My mother got me out of there,” she revealed.

Ronnie has been married to Jonathan Greenfield since 2002. As for Spector? He’s rotting behind bars.