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Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Lesbian Lovers

The stars who gave her 'the love she didn't get from men!'

“I know that I will never be happy,” said Marilyn Monroe, once said, “but I know that I can be gay!” And in the years since Marilyn’s tragic death in 1962 at the age of 36, The National ENQUIRER has pieced together plenty of Marilyn’s romantic conquests of the same-sex variety. Before his death in 1984, her close confidante Peter Lawford said: “Monroe’s true orientation was toward women. Her three marriages disguised her real sexual identity. Her relationship with the Kennedys was as much about power and influence as it was about sex. With women, the affairs were more about sex and love.” Get the inside story on the secrets of scandalous Old Hollywood’s greatest screen legend, and click here for more stories about major stars who’ve sparked gay rumors…