Cover-Up Claims!

Marilyn Monroe’s Strange Death — And Peter Lawford’s Shocking Role

Rat Packer tied to Kennedys' secrets!

Marilyn Monroe’s suspicious death from a reported overdose of sedatives has inspired decades of investigations — and the shocking theories often star Peter Lawford! It was no secret that the actor worked closely with the Kennedy clan after marrying John F. Kennedy’s sister in 1954. His wedding to Patricia Kennedy helped turn Lawford from a struggling star to a socialite. He was also reportedly in charge of wrangling JFK’s many mistresses. That included making sure that Marilyn could get together for trysts with both John and Robert Kennedy. Lawford was also charged with getting Marilyn to attend the President’s birthday party on May 19, 1962. She’d be found dead just months later on August 5, with Lawford often accused of secretly being on the scene. Get the shocking inside story about showbiz’s shameful secrets — and click here for the tragic stories of showbiz figures whose troubling lives would also end in overdoses!