Lost Footage!

Marilyn Monroe’s Missing Sex Tape With JFK

Shocking threesome reportedly hidden away by Kennedy clan!

Marilyn Monroe’s most notorious film has never been seen — after footage of her having sex with John F. Kennedy mysteriously vanished after being offered up for auction in 2014! The tape of the sex film was estimated to be worth at least $10 million — with the movie reportedly capturing a sex romp that included Marilyn, JFK and his brother Robert Kennedy! Reportedly shot on 8mm home-movie film, the reel was owned by memorabilia collector and former celebrity bodyguard David Castleberry. The kinky footage, he insisted, “is real,” adding: “I had it for years,” adding: “I never released it out of respect for Joe DiMaggio,” the baseball legend who had a volatile marriage with Marilyn. Get the shocking inside story of the lost political bombshell, and then click here for more bizarre tales of Hollywood’s top sex scandals…