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Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole — As Victim In RFK Assassination Defends Him

Show witness says he forgives the killer!

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The man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles nearly 50 years ago was denied parole for the 15th time — and insisted: “Legally speaking, I’m not guilty of anything!”

Sirhan still had the support of one person before the board, though — and it was a former victim!

Paul Schrade, 91, who was wounded by the assassin during the shooting, made an appearance for the first time during one of Sirhan’s hearings.

Paul said there was a second gunman on the scene — and told Sirhan: “I forgive you for shooting me!”

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That didn’t impress the parole board, who was meeting with Sirhan for the first time since 2011 — when the commissioners decided that Sirhan had never shown sufficient remorse for the crime.

Things clearly hadn’t changed, with Sirhan saying in his latest appearance: “If you want a confession, I can’t make it now.”

Sirhan, now 71, shot Kennedy just hours after he won the California Democratic presidential primary on June 5, 1968. He later recorded a confession while in police custody.

The assassin had been arrested at the scene of the shooting with a gun in his hand. He said “Yes, sir” when asked on the witness stand during his 1969 trial if he had shot Kennedy.

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He has said for several years that he has no memories of shooting Kennedy — and told the parole board: “It’s not that I’m making light of it. I’m responsible for being there.”

In 1982, Sirhan told the parole board: “I sincerely believe that if Robert Kennedy were alive today, I believe he would not countenance singling me out for this kind of treatment.”