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Inside Marilyn Monroe’s Secret Trysts With Ted Kennedy

'Considerable information about sex parties' on 'National Enquirer Investigates!'

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Love-starved Marilyn Monroe apparently never met a member of the Kennedy clan that she didn’t sleep with! The screen siren even had sex with youngest brother Ted Kennedy, The National ENQUIRER has exclusively learned.

That’s the surprising bombshell in a declassified FBI report revealing Monroe’s trysts. Although JFK and Robert Kennedy had affairs with the legendary beauty that are well documented, Teddy’s love connection with Monroe was unknown until his secret files were released in 2010 — shortly after the powerful U.S. senator’s death from brain cancer.

The documents reveal a woman living at New York City’s swanky Carlyle hotel reported she had “considerable information about sex parties” involving Jack, Bobby, Marilyn, Teddy, assorted prostitutes, and Rat Packers Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

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Although the woman is not definitively identified, sources told The National ENQUIRER that the informant was Jacqueline Hammond, the wealthy ex-wife of a former U.S. ambassador to Spain.

The files do reveal Hammond had an apartment at the upscale hotel where Sinatra and JFK had secret love nests. There was no word on whether Hammond attended the parties – or how she gathered her “considerable information” about the wild goings-on.

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