The Night Sammy Davis, Jr. Lost More Than An Eye


The forbidden love that caused Rat Pack Candy Man SAMMY DAVIS, Jr. more than his eye in a devastating car crash – he lost screen siren GF KIM NOVAK!

Back in 1957, interracial dating was more than taboo and Kim was under contract to notorious Columbia boss Harry Cohn who kept a tight leash on his money-making goddess.

Cohn was long rumored to have more than asked the couple to break up – or else –  and hired a hit man to menace Davis, who'd already lost an eye in a car crash.

The thug's warning? Drop Kim or lose the remaining eye. 

"That DID happen," Kim confirmed in an interview.

She recalled she was summoned out of the blue to the Columbia kingpin's inner sanctum.

When the Vertigo beauty arrived, she was surprised to see Cohn "surrounded by all these men, including people in the Mob. He told me that my career was in jeopardy if I continued to see Sammy."

Donning a disguise and dark glasses to hide her mega-watt blue eyes, Kim hurried to Sammy's  house.

"His mother and father were there, and everybody was crying," she remembered.

"It was very disturbing, but we knew there was no use fighting it."

Their forbidden love was over — Sammy kept his eye but Kim's heart was broken.