Beauty Odor!

Marilyn Monroe: Screen Legend Secretly Stunk

Joe DiMaggio bailed out of bed over her hinky hygiene!

marilyn monroe body odor hygiene
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Marilyn Monroe mesmerized men around the world with her beauty, but the screen siren’s personal hygiene was disgusting.

Up close, she reeked of body odor and was also a pig between the sheets!

Baseball legend and second hubby Joe DiMaggio complained the blond bombshell stunk to high heavens because she would avoid bathing for days on end.

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The tragic film icon was such a slob, even her maids would quit.

Former housekeeper Lena Pepitone recalls how the sex symbol, who popped pills for her deep depressions, would lie around in the same dirty clothes for days, and wolf down meals in bed, where the dirty dishes would pile up.

Movie hunk Clark Gable was revolted by the way she would lie in bed naked, gobble food and scrape the messy leftovers under her sheets for the maids to clean in the morning!