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Inside Peter Lawford’s Cover-Up Of Marilyn Monroe’s Tragic Death

'National Enquirer Investigates' — actor staged her overdose death scene!

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Peter Lawford was a lousy actor — but the suave star should have been a director!

At least that’s the conclusion of investigators involved with the Marilyn Monroe death — who say Lawford expertly staged the blonde bombshell’s murder to look like a suicide!

According to FBI documents, Robert Kennedy had been at Monroe’s house before she died, trying to discourage his miffed mistress from revealing her affairs with the presidential contender!

When Monroe refused to cooperate, Kennedy and his cronies gave her a barbiturate enema to make her death look like a suicide.

As the unconscious screen goddess lay in her bed, Kennedy’s brother-in-law Lawford allegedly directed the cover-up, placing empty prescription bottles on Monroe’s nightstand and making the actress’ housekeeper launder the bed linens to erase any evidence of foul play.

Lawford, then 38, also helped Kennedy flee the crime scene in Brentwood and escape by helicopter to San Francisco.

Monroe was pronounced dead at 36 on Aug. 5, 1962.

More than 50 years later, Lawford’s cover-up is partially intact.

Although the truth has been uncovered by investigative journalists, Monroe’s death is still officially classified as a suicide. Lawford passed away in 1984.

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