Frank Sinatra JFK Drug Lair

Revealed! Secrets of the Rat Pack lair, Cal-Neva, where Frank Sinatra, JFK and Marilyn Monroe consorted with the mob and partied like unrepentant hell spawn.

The Lake Tahoe den of iniquity was said to have been bought by frequent client Joseph Kennedy, Patriarch of the Camelot clan, through an alleged front. 

In 1960 when JFK was running for President it was bought by crooner Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others.  Dino joked "Frank got the Nevada side with the gambling and the booze. I got the California side. It's got six pay toilets and a picture of Richard Nixon."

But Sinatra biographers insist the casino was secretly owned by Chicago Mafia kingpin Sam Giancana, the one-time heir to Al Capone.

Sinatra and pals reportedly built a complex labyrinth of tunnels beneath the carnal house where Giancana could visit Cal-Neva secretly after being banned by the Nevada gaming authorities.

The tunnels were also used by President Kennedy and Monroe to sneak to and from their respective rooms unseen for sex romps.

After Marilyn was dumped by both John AND Robert Kennedy, the sex symbol  was visibly depressed, boozy and popping pills when she was snapped by a photog with crime lord Giancana.

"Marilyn (was) on all fours," the photographer revealed. "She looked sick. Astride her, either riding her like a horse or trying to help her up – I couldn't make out which – was Sam Giancana."

Partying for three straight nights at Cal-Neva, Marilyn returned home to Hollywood and was found dead a few days later.

Like the lonely desert itself many of Cal-Neva's darkest secrets still remain shrouded in the notoriety of the past.

POP FYI:  JFK and  Giancana also shared mistress Judith Exner.