The Hidden Story!

PHOTOS: Marilyn Monroe: Shocking Secrets Of Her Early Years

Sordid tales of prostitution, suicide attempts, and more!

The new book “Before Marilyn: The Blue Book Modeling Years” provides plenty of lost pics from Marilyn Monroe’s early days as an aspiring model. But The National ENQUIRER was there when legendary private investigator Anthony Summers revealed the true bombshell stories behind Norma Jeane Mortenson’s early years in the book “Goddess”—which included her shocking past as a suicidally-depressed call girl! Summers’ investigations showed that Marilyn once confessed she was a call girl before she hit it big in Hollywood – and during one poverty-stricken period in her life, she even resorted to picking up men in bars and selling herself for as little as $15 a night! She confided to her drama coach, Lee Strasberg, about her past as an escort. Strasberg recalled: “She told me she was the one summoned if anyone needed a beautiful girl for a convention…”