Tragic Ends!

Celebrities Who’ve Killed — Stars With Blood On Their Hands

Shocking scandals that some entertainers couldn't survive!

Chris Soules was a fading reality star who’d gone from “The Bachelor” to “Dancing With the Stars” — before making headlines in April 2017 with a fatal auto accident. The wholesome farmer was busted in Iowa for fleeing the scene of a deadly tractor trailer accident. Authorities says that Soules was driving the pickup truck that rear-ended a tractor near the town of Aurora. He called 911, but then reportedly drove off as local man Kenny Mosher, who’d been driving the tractor trailer, was dying in a ditch. The case is still in the courts, with Iowa insiders saying that a plea deal “is close” to being reached. Soules would still be left joining the ranks of other stars who’ve joined the ranks of celebrities in prison or nearly had their careers ruined over the deadly serious scandal of being involved in murder…