Ex-Motley Crue front man Vince Neil is a deadbeat dad who owes more than $20,000 in unpaid child support! That’s the charge of Neil’s angry ex-wife Elizabeth.

She says that the washed-up rocker — who now stars on the TV reality show “The Surreal Life” — may have also looted his 17-year-old daughter Elle’s trust fund.

And Elle said she wants him thrown in jail!

“It’s bad enough that my father robbed me of thousands of dollars, but he cut me out of his life without even an explanation,” Elle told The ENQUIRER.

“He’s never called me on my birthday, sent me a card at Christmas or made the slightest attempt to spend time with me!”

Elle and her mom live in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood in Sarasota, Fla.

According to Elizabeth, 40, as part of their divorce settlement a court ordered Vince to pay her $1,500 a month in child support and another $500 a month in a trust fund for Elle’s future.

But she told The ENQUIRER it’s been a constant struggle getting him to cough up the child support every month.

“There should be over $100,000 in Elle’s trust fund, but the last I heard there was only $12,000. I have no way of knowing how much is in there now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he spent it all.

“And I haven’t received a child support check from Vince in over 15 months, which means he owes us more than $20,000.”

Elizabeth said that after they married, “I had to turn a blind eye to a lot of things like his excessive drinking, drug use and sleeping with groupies.

“Almost a year after we married, Vince started talking about starting a family. I agreed to do it under the condition that he would stop his drug use and irresponsible sexual behavior.

“The AIDS epidemic had reared its head and I wasn’t going to let him gamble with my or my baby’s life.

“Once Elle was born, Vince tried his hardest to be a good father but it never really agreed with his lifestyle.

“When Elle was only 2 years old, I came home one day to find two of the Motley Crue boys — Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx — in my home doing drugs. And Vince was standing in the same room with them, holding Elle in his arms.

“I was furious that he brought my baby into that environment!”

After the couple split up “I agreed to walk away from the marriage with only $250,000 in alimony,” said Elizabeth.

“The only thing I’ve ever asked of him was to give his daughter a little bit of financial security and emotional support.”

But after Vince and Elizabeth went their separate ways, he lost almost all contact with Elle.

“I’ve spent most of my childhood blaming myself for his lack of responsibility,” Elle said. “But I realized he was just a deadbeat, and probably always will be.

“When I was 14, I saw him backstage at a concert. He apologized about being such a horrible father and promised to start calling me every Sunday, but he never did.

“As a last-ditch effort, I made a point to see him again last year. He gave me his phone number and e-mail address and said he wanted us to keep in touch. But the following week he changed his phone number and e-mail address!”

These days Vince can be seen on TV’s “The Surreal Life,” a reality series about seven celebrities bunking in a house together for two weeks.

On one episode, Vince discussed the worst moments of his life with the roommates. He said the worst moment was when his daughter from another marriage, died of cancer at age 4, because it was so hard for a father to lose a child.

“It made me sick to my stomach to hear him say that,” Elle added.

“I don’t know how he can explain mourning one daughter’s loss, yet ignoring his other daughter altogether.

“If I had my way, I’d have him thrown in jail for being a deadbeat dad!”