Behind Bars!

Bill Cosby In Distraught Prison Mug Shot — Spokesman Says Comic Is ‘Doing Great’

Claims disgraced star was 'persecuted [like] Jesus, and look what happened!'

Bill Cosby posed for a an official photo as joined the ranks of celebrities in prison, as he was quickly remanded to a Pennsylvania correctional facility for a sentence of at least three years on sexual assault charges. But while the disgraced showbiz legend looked miserable in his mug shot, his defiant spokesman insisted: “Mr. Cosby’s doing great. He knows that these are lies…Everybody who wants to say anything negative — you’re a joke, as well!” Andrew Wyatt’s statement was a shocking contrast to the sight inside the Pennsylvania courthouse where Janice Dickinson and other Cosby accusers were celebrating his prison sentence for the 2004 drugging and raping of Andrea Constand, with Judge Stephen T. O’Neill declaring that Cosby is a “violent sexual predator!”