Court Battle!

Bill Cosby Classified As ‘Sexually Violent Predator’ In Sentencing

New humiliation for disgraced comic!

Bill Cosby’s worst nightmare came true in his prison sentencing for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand  — with Judge Steven T. O’Neill ruling the disgraced comic is a “sexually violent predator!” It’s the humiliating conclusion to a court battle that’s had Cosby fighting to save what’s left of the star’s tattered reputation. As earlier reported by The National ENQUIRER, Cosby had repeatedly turned down any plea deal that would classify him as a “sex offender.” That included a deal for a six-month jail term and a “low-level offender” status that would’ve been erased in under a year. Instead, Cosby went to trial and was found guilty after years of multiple women accusing him of being a serial pervert…