Secret Payoffs!

Bill Cosby Cover-Up: How NBC Protected The Network’s Pervy Star

Greedy bosses turned blind eye to victims!

Bill Cosby was protected by ruthless NBC executives who knew in the 1980s that their million-dollar man was a sick sexual predator! That’s the shocking claim made by network insiders who are breaking their silence after the disgraced star of “The Cosby Show” — which generated billions of dollars for NBC — was found guilty of sexual assault charges in Pennsylvania. And if the NBC brass hadn’t turned a blind eye to Cosby’s hush-money payments to other victims, said a stunned source, then the sicko star’s serial rape spree may have ended! “There’s no doubt they could have applied pressure to Cosby to get help and stop his behavior,” the whistleblower claimed. “They could have staged an intervention or suspended the show, but they were afraid of killing their golden goose!” And one veteran NBC employee even came forward with proof that he’d been used to help cover up Cosby’s sex-crazed scandals and to postpone the comic ending up with a ruined career…