Wife's Wrath!

Bill Cosby Sends Camille After ‘Unethical’ Judge

Comic's spouse files complaint after accusing D.A. of 'criminal conduct!'

Bill Cosby is set to be sentenced after being found guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his Pennsylvania mansion in 2004 — but the disgraced comic is still fighting to stay out of prison! Now he’s sent wife Camille Cosby to a Pennsylvania court to blast Judge Steven T. O’Neill for “ethical misconduct.” Court documents seen by The National ENQUIRER reveal that Camille has filed a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board Of Pennsylvania, saying that O’Neill should have recused himself from her husband’s trial because of an old feud with former D.A. Bruce Castor — who, Camille notes, originally “came to investigate my husband and made a binding decision that Mr. Cosby would never be prosecuted in this case because the evidence was weak.” Crusading attorney Kevin Steele won an election over Castor while promising to prosecute Cosby. But, notes Camille, that was after Castor had beaten Judge O’Neill in a previous election!