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Ryan O’Neal Called Cops To End His Son’s Crime Spree

But drug-crazed Redmond was too far gone!

Ryan O’Neal hired cops in a last-ditch bid to keep his troubled son Redmond away from drugs! But the “Love Story” stud’s tough-love effort failed — and Redmond remains behind bars after going on a bloody rampage! “There were drugs everywhere,” a source who worked for Ryan and Redmond’s mother, Farrah Fawcett, told The National ENQUIRER. “My job was to keep Redmond away from them. My brother knew lots of off-duty cops, so we paid a few to come and help. We had off-duty sheriffs drive us around.” But even that police presence couldn’t stop Redmond from obtaining drugs. Read on for details of Ryan’s failed effort to rescue Redmond, and click here for more news of celebrity drug abuse….