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O.J. Simpson — How Hollywood Helped Him Get Away With Beating Nicole

Kris Jenner wasn't the only insider accused of hiding the truth!

O.J. Simpson was arrested on Feb. 1, 1989, after he allegedly punched, slapped and kicked his pretty blonde wife Nicole during a violent argument at their home. The National ENQUIRER had the full story years before O.J. was arrested for Nicole’s murder in 1994 — and reported at the time on how Simpson was worried that the assault case would spell the end of his career. “The news of O.J.’s alleged violence couldn’t have come at a worse time professionally for him,” said a Hollywood insider.

The industry spy revealed that some major Hollywood names were furious over the charges made against Simpson, and that they believed his battered wife! “He and Erik Estrada were to costar in a new series, ‘Hunks,’ playing retired pro athletes who become private detectives,” said the source. “O.J. had a February 3 meeting scheduled with producers and network officials. But after the story broke on February 2 about his vicious row with his wife, the meeting was canceled that afternoon!” Sadly, as with Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer, there were plenty more Hollywood insiders who kept embracing Simpson despite the backstage talk…