Early Intervention

When Sophia Loren Took On O.J. Simpson: ‘Men Do Not Hit Women!’

How the brave screen legend tried to save Nicole Simpson!

Sophia Loren confronted O.J. Simpson in 1978 after he beat up his future wife Nicole Brown — and warned him to seek counseling before his temper spun completely out of control. The football great had battered Nicole so severely that her face was bruised and swollen. And Sophia — who was filming the movie “Firepower” with Simpson and James Coburn — was so upset that she ripped into him in a restaurant, even though others could hear!

“If this is how you treat women, you need to get help,” Sophia told Simpson. “You better see someone before you go too far!” The Italian screen goddess didn’t stop there — she bawled out Simpson on several more occasions and warned him: “You can’t go around hitting women!” a friend of the actress disclosed. “Sophia was furious and outraged by what Simpson had done. She tried to convince him that he needed to get psychological counseling to deal with his aggressiveness toward women…”