Kris Jenner’s Shameful Lies To Protect O.J. Simpson

The momager insists she knew nothing of beatings suffered by Nicole Brown Simpson!

Getty Images / Corbis

Kris Jenner has been caught flat-out lying about her “best” friend, Nicole Brown Simpson — and O.J. Simpson’s murdered ex must be spinning in her grave!

The Kardashian “momager” has claimed that after the double slayings of Nicole and Ron Goldman in 1994, she was shocked to learn O.J. had physically abused Nicole.

“She kept it from us,” Kris insisted to People magazine in an interview about the new FX miniseries “The People v. O.J. Simpson.”

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But a source told The National ENQUIRER: “Shame on Kris for telling a bold-faced lie, and shame on People for publishing this bull—t! At the time, Kris was married to O.J.’s closest friend and lawyer, Robert Kardashian.

“She knew all about Nicole’s horrific marriage to O.J. and the awful spousal abuse she endured!”

As further proof, Kris detailed O.J.’s brutality in her 2011 book, “Kris Jenner … and All Things Kardashian”!

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She wrote: “Nicole had been beaten up by O.J. and she had been keeping this physical proof in the form of photographs….

“Nicole really wanted someone close to her to know what was going on, so that somebody — namely me — could be a witness.”

But Kris was not called to testify at the criminal trial.

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The ugly truth about O.J.’s abuse became public when he was arrested in 1989.

The NFL star had beaten his wife so badly Nicole ended up in the hospital. He was charged with spousal abuse, but got off with probation.

Nicole finally divorced O.J. in 1992. But two years later, she was found dead, slain with Ron Goldman on her front doorstep in a horrific bloodbath. O.J. was acquitted of the murders, but found liable in a civil wrongful death case.

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When contacted by The ENQUIRER, Nicole’s sister Denise Brown lashed out at Kris over her interview.

Denise said: “It’s been more than 21 years since my sister’s murder, Kris! Can you just let Nicole rest in peace? How much more money and fame do you need? If you were such a great friend to her, you would have done something about it back then!”