ENQUIRER Exclusive!

Convict Cosby: ‘I’m Possessed By The Ghost Of My Mom’

Inmate #NN7687 breaks silence after 3 months behind bars!

Bill Cosby, his wits slipping away, ranted, “They’re using sonic pressure on my head!” — before delivering a bizarre jailhouse confession exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER! The convicted sex fiend — now Inmate No. NN7687 — finally broke his silence with shocking outbursts to the precious few of his friends who have stuck by him! In a series of stunning phone calls, Cosby sensationally claimed officials at Pennsylvania’s SCI Phoenix state prison are out to get him and raged about how he actually saved the women he’s accused of sexually assaulting — all while bragging about his smarts and outrageously comparing himself to Jesus! Read on for details of Cosby’s crazy rants, and click here for more crime news involving celebrities….