Behind Bars!

Bill Cosby’s Desperate Prison Phone Calls To Camille

Told wife to 'grab checkbook' and get him out!

Bill Cosby has a new mug shot as Inmate #1802819 in the Pennsylvania prison system after being sentenced to at least three years behind bars for sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 — with the “sexually violent predator” temporarily locked up in the brand-new SCI Phoenix prison complex. Insiders revealed to The National ENQUIRER, though, that the disgraced comic is convinced that he’ll soon be back out on the streets! The former funnyman had two chances to make phone calls while joining the ranks of celebrities in prison — getting in touch with his wife Camille to apologize for “putting you through this,” and then telling her to “grab the checkbook and hire anyone and everyone” who could reverse the ruling by Judge Stephen T. O’Neill, as the star still dreamed of salvaging his ruined career…