Dying To Avoid Jail!

How Bitter Bill Cosby Prepared For Prison

Sexual predator blasted 'traitors' while planning his own funeral!

Bill Cosby — locked away under house arrest in his Pennsylvania mansion — got ready for the end after docs gave him a deathly diagnosis as he prepared to be sentenced for sexually assaulting a woman young enough to be his daughter! Insiders say that Cosby believes his prison sentence means that he’ll die behind bars, and the ailing comic is out to settle old scores before he goes! The disgraced comic and sex fiend has rewritten his will, cutting out all “traitors” while planning his funeral. He’s also reportedly selling off family heirlooms at discount prices. “Doctors are telling the family now is a good time for him to ‘get his affairs in order,’” said an insider, “which is code for ‘prepare to die!’” The source added that Cosby, accused of drugging and sexually attacking at least 60 women, is already fading fast! Read on for more about Cosby’s latest crisis, and click here for more on Hollywood sick history of sex scandals ….