Bristol Palin Unleashed — Tackles SNL And Oscars!

Alaska's most outspoken unwed mother calls Tina Fey 'pathetic!'

Bristol Palin Tina Fey F

Bristol Palin isn’t letting her second unwed motherhood keep her from handing out advice — and she’s blasting “Saturday Night Live” and Hollywood!

Bristol — recently caught out on the town by The ENQUIRER while in a custody battle with Marine baby daddy Dakota Meyer — went to social media to take on Tina Fey and the Academy Awards’ recent racial troubles.

Bristol went after Tina Fey’s turn as Sarah Palin on last weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” with a post titled: “Who Wore It Better — Sarah Palin or Tina Fey?”

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Bristol went after her mom’s longtime impersonator with some serious digs…

I may be biased, but I think my mom trumps her in the looks department. (Especially for having three more kids and seven more years on Tina!)

“Saturday Night Live” and Fey have been clinging to this impersonation a little too long. It’s getting pathetic. Its been 7 years! Are they desperate for content? Or just desperate for viewers?

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Bristol also jumped in on the current #OscarsSoWhite controversy, as the film industry found itself under take for not having enough minorities included in this year’s Oscars nominations.

In a show of strange bedfellows, Bristol endorsed rapper Wacka Flacka’s dismissal of the controversy. (“I don’t know who “Waka Flocka” is, or what he sings, but I agree with him on this!”)

Bristol also sided with actor/rapper/producer Ice Cube, who said: “To cry about not winning an award is like crying because you don’t have enough icing on your cake!”

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“So far as what I have seen about the #OscarSoWhiteControversy,” she added, “it seems Jada Smith started it because her husband wasn’t getting nominated.

“I don’t know how other people think about it, but I hope my son sees early on – that not everyone gets a trophy.”