Prison Pity!

Crackpot Cosby Blasts #MeToo Movement For Making Him A Victim

Disgraced comic blames 'terrorist attack on Hollywood!'

Bill Cosby is claiming that he’s the real victim of the #MeToo movement — speaking out from behind bars to blast the global campaign as a “terrorist attack on Hollywood!” The convicted sex fiend believes that the #MeToo campaign against Hollywood predators is an evil scheme dreamed up by female “extortionists” determined to bring down the entertainment industry, according to a friend of the disgraced funnyman. “This was all their terroristic plot to extort me for hundreds of millions of dollars,” the disgraced comic told his buddy. “And since I didn’t obey their ransom notice, they paraded in rickety women to abolish my legacy, career and reputation!” Cosby is still serving a three- to ten- year prison stretch on three counts of aggravated sexual assault while fighting to get released on appeal. He’s also been famously accused of sexual misconduct, including date rape, by more than 60 women. That includes women like Janice Dickinson and Katherine McKee, who were allegedly lured into meeting with Cosby over “meetings” about TV and film roles…