Bad Action!

Steven Seagal Accused Of Decades Of Sexual Harassment

LAPD drops assault investigation— but angry actresses still went public!

Steven Seagal is off the hook on sexual assault charges, as the L.A. County District Attorney’s office revealed that it won’t pursue claims made against the actor over an incident dating back to 1993. It’s a lucky break for the exiled former action star, who’s still finally facing accusations of being one of Hollywood’s worst sexual predators — 21 years after The National ENQUIRER first revealed how the press covered for the fading film actor. Seagal still had plenty of clout in 1996, when TIME magazine reporter Richard Zoglin learned that his bombshell exposé on the star’s alleged victims had been spiked. Zoglin claimed to have over 14 women going on record to accuse Seagal of inappropriate behavior on and off the set. But, said Zoglin “a swift pre-emptive strike from Seagal’s attorneys helped kill it!”