A sex-crazed Steven Seagal imported a Brazilian medicine man to turn him into a superstud, ordered a personal assistant to round up hot young babes to be his sex toys — and pumped himself full of as many as 12 pills every half hour, says a former personal aide.

Ahnume Guerios worked with the action hero from 1998 until July of this year — then says he quit in disgust over being forced to “pimp” for the superstar.

What’s more, Seagal’s aide claims that the martial arts expert lived in fear of assassination, despised gays, and had himself hooked to an intravenous tube in a strange ritual “to cleanse his blood.”

“Steven Seagal asked me to do things for him that no one should do,” declared Guerios in a no-holds-barred exclusive ENQUIRER interview. “I became very, very disappointed in him as a man.”

Seagal’s lawyer Martin Perschetz calls Guerios’ charges a “bizarre distortion” and added that his client “vehemently denies these allegations.”

But Guerios insists that the menacing 6-foot-4 actor, formerly married to gorgeous actress Kelly LeBrock, was obsessed with sex — and with beauties young enough to be his daughter.

“For him, 20 is old enough — 25 is already too old,” declares Guerios.

But Guerios says the aging star of “Hard to Kill” and “Out for Justice” became worried that he could no longer win rave reviews in the sack, and he turned to his Brazilian “Mr. Fix It” to fix it.

Seagal requested to meet Brazil’s most famous medicine man, Sapaim from the Kamayura Tribe. Guerios says he wanted his help in detoxifying — but then learned the native also had a special sexual salve.

“Steven told me that in 1994 someone had tried to poison him with some kind of cyanide,” said Guerios. “The poison had damaged his brain, kidney, liver and stomach. So he was taking dozens of pills and having himself hooked up to an IV to cleanse his blood.

“He said maybe this magic man can heal him.

“I went to Brazil and brought him back. He visited Steven’s home several times in 1999 and 2000, brought him different herbs and performed rituals for him.

“He’s 70 years old and his wife is 39, and almost every time I went to see the medicine man in his room, they were having sex.

When I mentioned this to Steven, he said, ‘He’s 70 — he must have something.’

“Then Steven confessed to me that his sexual power was not what it once was. I brought the medicine man to him, and Steven took this foot-long piece of ivory that had been a prop in his movie ‘On Deadly Ground’ and put it between his legs.

“He told me to translate this to the medicine man: ‘I want to be THIS big. I’m already big, but I want to be THIS big!’

“I turned to the medicine man — and we both laughed. But Steven said, ‘I’m not joking. Can you make me THIS big?’ “