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Finally, The Truth About Tom Cruise!

Private eye reveals allegations about Cruise’s trysts with porn star ‘Big Red.’

Tom cruise gay sex secret tapes
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Stories about Tom Cruise’s sexuality have dogged his career.

But despite his impressive list of Hollywood accomplishments, outrageous whispers have circulated through Tinseltown for decades. Now for the first time, The National ENQUIRER can tell the untold story of yet another male accuser who claimed to have the sensational answer to Hollywood’s biggest rumor!

The ENQUIRER has exclusively obtained a confidential file about the megastar — a sizzling document kept by longtime Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi.

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The famed investigator is turning his dirt file into an explosive exposé about the “deepest, darkest secrets” of the “Top Gun” actor and other Tinseltown A-listers, The ENQUIRER has learned!

Speaking exclusively, Paul said he’s going to reveal “the inside story” of bombshell homosexual claims made about Tom, 53, by a former male escort and porn star named Nathan “Big Red” Hamilton.

The man, also known as Theodore Ragsdale Jr., was at one time shopping his own book about Tom to divulge what he claimed was a series of sordid sex romps with the superstar in London in 1999.

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In 2002, Paul said he conducted taped interviews with Big Red after he was hired by another private investigator, legendary Hollywood enforcer Anthony Pellicano.

The snoop-to-the-stars was jailed for 15 years in 2008 for running an illegal wiretapping operation that gathered information for his well-to-do clients.

Those audio tapes — including information on Tom — was seized by the FBI.

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“Tom’s pit-bull lawyer Bert Fields brought in Anthony Pellicano to get to the bottom of this guy’s claims,” Paul told The ENQUIRER.

“Pellicano then brought me in to do the legwork and I tracked him down. I got all the dirt — and now, years later, I’m going to tell it all in a new book!”

Paul, who was also a former adult film producer, told The ENQUIRER that Big Red claimed to have kept a “detailed diary and had receipts from restaurants, hotels and nightclubs to support his claims of sex with Tom.”

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According to his secret file, Paul said the hunk first claimed to have had a brief encounter with Tom in a London restroom!

“Then, on another occasion, Big Red said a man named Marcello arranged for him to meet up with Tom for a more extended sex session.”

The get-together supposedly took place when Tom was in England shooting “Eyes Wide Shut” with Nicole.

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In his report for Tom’s legal eagle, Paul wrote that Big Red claimed he was brought to a home where Tom was waiting for him, sitting on a small sofa.

“Hamilton said, ‘A mat had been spread out on the floor. Cruise, dressed in what looked like a bodysuit … for wrestling. Grinning and gloating at me, he said, ‘Strip down to your underwear and play with me for a little while.’”

Later, Big Red said Tom was “touching my butt through my underwear and he was stroking my (testicles).”

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Paul said he asked Big Red if he was nervous and the man said, “Tom whispered in my ear, ‘It’s OK. Just relax. Just relax.’”

He alleged the two men wrestled for a time and then Tom asked Big Red to pleasure himself!

“At the time, he actually picked me up and threw me down. Then, once my underwear was off, he got into some serious stroking. He told me to (masturbate) so he could watch. I did and after I (ejaculated), he threw me a towel. I got dressed and then two men drove me back to Marcello’s club in London.”

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After the details of the alleged encounters were sent to Anthony, Fields fired off a letter threatening legal action against Big Red.

In the letter, obtained exclusively by The ENQUIRER, Fields wrote: “As you well know, this story is an utter fabrication. It is demonstrable in many ways that Mr. Cruise has never met you and the events you describe never occurred. While Mr. Cruise strongly believes in the right of each person to choose his or her own lifestyle and sexual preference without fear of mistreatment or discrimination, the fact is that he is not gay and has never had a homosexual experience or encounter with you or anyone else.”

Faced with the doomsday scenario, Big Red dropped his claims.

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For his part, Paul received a $5,000 check from the legal firm for his work. The ENQUIRER has verified that Paul was hired — and has published it, above. 

Paul told this publication  he viewed the check, at the time, as “hush money,” which Fields denies.

Though he investigated the matter, Paul hasn’t taken a stance on the veracity of Big Red’s wild accusations. Instead, he said “it should all come out — and let the public decide.”

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The ENQUIRER track-ed down Big Red to an address in California, but when a reporter attempted to question him on Dec. 22, he was no longer talkative. Big Red refused to answer the door.

When The ENQUIRER contacted Fields about Paul’s claims and the statements made by Big Red, Tom’s lawyer was adamant that there was no truth to the story — then and now.

On Dec. 23, Bert told The ENQUIRER: “The ‘scandal’ you describe as new supposedly occurred 15 years ago and was proved to be completely false.

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But it’s not the first time allegations like this have dogged Tom. As The ENQUIRER reported in 2010, he confessed to third wife Katie Holmes his secret anguish over claims of gay affairs, multiple sources said.

The father-of-three bared his soul in a bid to set the record straight about his private life, insiders dished, but the nightmare rumors came back to haunt him in a nasty jab on the television cartoon “South Park.”

During his emotional heart-to-heart with Katie, the star blasted the cruel gay lies have tainted his image for decades.

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“Tom sat Katie down and made it absolutely clear to her that there’s no truth to … the gay stories. He got really emotional and told Katie, ‘It’s all lies!’” the source recalled.

Tom was just 21 when he became a superstar following the release of “Risky Business,” and his pretty-boy looks launched an endless stream of salacious stories about his personal life. “In the early days, there were rumors that Tom used to take all-guy trips out in a boat in Marina del Rey. Tom didn’t know where the story came from, but it wasn’t true,” said the insider.

In 1998, he sued a British tabloid that alleged their marriage was a sham. “I’ll bet any money I’ve ever made, plus Tom’s, that he doesn’t have a gay lover and that he doesn’t have a gay life,” said Nicole Kidman

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