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Pundits, politicians and press got it wrong — we were right again and again!

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Time after time during this most ugly and hard-fought of American presidential campaigns — The National ENQUIRER scooped the nation’s media “powers” and proved we alone were listening to the unheard majority! Our team of reporters and political experts constantly landed blockbuster stories and provided analysis seen nowhere else.

In our quest to scrutinize the candidates, The ENQUIRER drove light years ahead of the lamestream media — and it wasn’t until President-Elect Donald Trump’s landslide victory on Nov. 8 that our clueless rivals FINALLY caught up with reality!

“I think we could do better writing about the people who voted for Donald Trump, understanding what drove them, their anxiety,” said Dean Baquet, the highly humiliated executive editor of the New York Times, speaking about the massive media failure.

The ENQUIRER, meanwhile, listened to the voice of ALL of America.

Melania Trump: How She Inspired Donald To Run For President!

From the moment he declared his candidacy, ENQUIRER readers were spot-on in their endorsement of Trump. You gave him the nod over Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rick Perry — and a host of others.

As early as May, 58% of you voted for the billionaire businessman over Hillary Clinton. When the FBI refused to prosecute the former secretary of state over her email scandal in July, 83% of ENQUIRER readers polled said she should be jailed!

In the wake of the leaked audiotape of Trump with Billy Bush, we offered readers a chance to abandon the Trump & Pence ticket. Despite the controversy, The ENQUIRER poll showed 64% of people were staying with the maverick!

Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Tricks To Cover Up Bill’s Sex Crimes!

By Oct. 27, the vast majority of pollsters declared Hillary would be returning to the White House. They would all be proven wrong — while neglecting the core sample tapped by The ENQUIRER.

In the final days of the campaign, we conducted one last poll: Who will win? The resounding answer was Trump, with 66% of the vote!

Though The ENQUIRER polls did not follow the strict rules of statistical samples, they proved to be the ONLY accurate results. We had our finger on the pulse of the nation all along. We learned many of you felt disenfranchised, were fed up with the political establishment and saw Trump as someone to champion your cause — just as The ENQUIRER has since 1926.

In March, The ENQUIRER made its first presidential endorsement in our storied 90-year history. It turned out to be a courageous AND correct stand! By the campaign’s end, Hillary had scored 57 endorsements from the 100 most widely circulated papers in the nation.

Trump had gotten just three major endorsements — after the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Florida Times-Union followed The ENQUIRER!

But we conducted more than just polls — and provided game-changing scoops that impacted a presidential election!

That included exposing how Hillary suffered three secret strokes during her State Department tenure, and pathetically plotted to lie to America about her health woes — including suffering from MS.

Blockbuster journals from the devious Democrat’s “Mr. Fix It” revealed how Hillary masterminded a corrupt Richard Nixon-style cover-up of her and husband Bill’s scandals — even ordering a Mafia-style blackmail plot that targeted a federal investigator.

A seven-page secret spy file from Vladimir Putin’s Russia exclusively exposed the breathtaking extent of Hillary’s corruption, including how she delayed a rescue of Americans under attack in Benghazi, and used her charitable foundation as a political slush fund.

Barack & Michelle Marriage Meltdown — Costing Taxpayers Millions!

The ENQUIRER’s top investigators unearthed how Hillary engineered smear campaigns of at least 36 women abused by her horndog husband, including a shocking memo outlining her agents’ efforts to dig up dirt on Monica Lewinsky.

Hillary’s own nephew was revealed to be a card-carrying, sheet-wearing, hate-spewing member of the racist Ku Klux Klan — and The ENQUIRER had the bombshell exclusives on Bill’s sick links to a billionaire pedophile, plus his secret trips on a sleazy sex jet to a Caribbean enclave dubbed “Orgy Island.”

The ENQUIRER made headlines after revealing how Texas Senator Ted Cruz had peddled a web of lies about his father, Rafael — as reporters exposed how Ted’s dad was a pro-Fidel Castro activist after arriving in the United States!

Hillary’s Racist N-Word Rant: Private Chef Tells All

Readers were also shocked to learn that bungling surgeon Ben Carson had once butchered a patient’s brain — and left a sponge inside!

But The National ENQUIRER is just getting started. If the election has proven Trump the victor, it has also reinforced how few voices in American media can be trusted to listen to you.

This exceptional moment serves as a call to action for The ENQUIRER. We will NOT fall in line with the out-of-touch media establishment. We will not accept the “official” version of events. We will continue to deliver the truth, and not the spin of politicians or those who failed you.

As the world of professional pollsters spends the next weeks trying to explain their embarrassment, and while the lamestream media is held to the fire, we proudly declare: The National ENQUIRER is the people’s paper, and the ONLY publication with the guts to tell it like it is!