Dick Morris

Bill & Hillary — Their Mob Tactics To Intimidate Investigators

Clinton insider reveals shocking secrets from the files of their D.C. fixers!

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Veteran Clinton insider Dick Morris reports… The President of the United States and the First Lady audaciously contracted for brass-knuckled mafia tactics to sabotage the federal investigation of their Whitewater land scam by federal investigators. Taking a page from John Gotti and “The Sopranos,” Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton hired a squad of private eyes to shadow the movements of investigators closing in on a possible indictment of the Clintons in the Whitewater probe.

The Capo de Tuti — Hillary Clinton — ordered the hit. The head of the cloak and dagger team, codenamed Mr. Fix-It, has confirmed the existence of the Clinton’s clandestine group to The National ENQUIRER. Their mission: To dig up seriously embarrassing material that might so intimidate the investigators that they would let the Clintons get away with their corrupt conduct and avoid indictment. Just like Don Corleone would do.

The Clintons know how to play the game. They call it hardball, but it’s really sleazeball.

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Twenty years ago, Hillary’s covert use of private eyes to terrorize Bill’s many women was exposed. We named them the Secret Police. But now it is clear that the Secret Police were not confined to threatening women who said no — or even yes —to Bill’s sexual advances. They weren’t even confined to annoying witnesses like Linda Tripp, whose personnel file was leaked and whose arrest for shoplifting twenty years earlier was suddenly revealed.

We know these facts because of the courage of Mr. Fix It , who was one of the detectives tasked with shadowing the federal investigators.

Their dragnet did not come up empty. Following a member of the team one night, they found him entering a “hot sheet” motel in the company of a “strapping young” man, making sure not to use his own name in renting the room. The blackmail material did its job. According to a source that opened up to Enquirer reporters, the investigator in question tried to resign after his steamy private life was revealed.

Is this what we expect from the President of the United States? To threaten investigators and make a mockery of the criminal justice system? Because that’s what the Clintons were doing.

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Their tactics were the kinds of stunts the mob would pull in a desperate effort to avoid justice. A Deputy White House Chief of Staff was involved, according to Mr. Fix It, in giving the order for the surveillance and in ordering the blackmail is extraordinary, revolting, and disgusting. One wonders if it’s where the show “House of Cards” got the idea that this is how the White House operates.

The White House was trying to cover up “His & Her” scandals that threatened the then — and possible future — Clinton Administrations. So they would do anything.

Bill’s scandal related to the testimony of David Hale, a banker who was jailed for looting a phony company to which he had arranged federally guaranteed loans. Hale also testified that then-Governor Bill Clinton pressured him to lend $300,000 of money earmarked by the federal Small Business Administration for anti-poverty loans to Bill’s business partner Jim McDougal instead. Despite the evidence, Bill was never indicted.

Hillary’s scandal was that, as the attorney for McDougal, she lied to federal bank regulators, telling them that she was working on a real estate loan from McDougal’s bank to Webster Hubbell’s father-in-law. The money was really to go to Jim McDougal instead.

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McDougal was barred from taking loans for real estate deals from the bank he owned because of past frauds. Asked about her role in doing the legal work on the illegal loan, Hillary couldn’t find the billing records for two years — and, when Hillary found them, she lied to a federal grand jury, under oath, denying that she knew the deal was phony. But, somehow, she got away with it.

Did the blackmailing of a top federal investigator lead to the decision not to indict either Clinton for either crime? We don’t know, but we can sure speculate.

But what we know for sure is that under a President Hillary Clinton, these are just the kind of tactics their critics can expect from the White House.