Conjoined Twins Died After Ben Carson’s Botched Operations

Ben Carson

Top newspapers The New York Times and Washington Post have been playing catch-up weeks after The National ENQUIRER exclusively reported Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson butchered a patient’s brain and was sued for medical malpractice by others!

New details about the retired neurosurgeon, 64, have surfaced, including the revelation that Ben’s biggest claim to fame — a 1987 operation “successfully” separating German twins conjoined at the head — is a myth!

Ben claimed his past surgery on then 7-month-old Benjamin and Patrick Binder was a miracle “beyond my wildest dreams.” But according to the boys’ mother, Theresia, it was a disaster!

The boys were healthy and happy when they were admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md., Theresia said in a published report, but she returned to Germany “with two lifeless, soundless, mentally and physically most severely damaged” children.

At 7, they were still in diapers. They couldn’t lift their limbs, speak or eat without help. They couldn’t even cry. Theresia’s brother, Peter, has also disclosed that Patrick is dead!

Ben’s failures didn’t end there. In 2003, he traveled to Singapore to take part in the first-ever attempt to separate adult twins joined at the head, but the 29-year-old sisters died on the operating table — exactly as other surgeons had predicted!

Nine-month-old South African sisters whom Ben tried to separate in 1994 also died; and in 2004, he tried to split German babies Lea and Tabea Block, but Tabea died in the operating room. Lea, now 12, is legally blind and struggles to walk.