Bill Clinton Underage Sex Lawsuit Shocker!


Bill Clinton has been identified in a sex lawsuit involving underage girls – and the sleazy scandal threatens to blow up his wife Hillary’s bid to be president!

In a bombshell exclusive, The ENQUIRER has obtained shocking court documents that reveal details of Bill’s close relationship with billionaire money manager Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex creep.

According to the legal papers, Clinton traveled on Epstein’s private jet numerous times and partied on a Caribbean island owned by Epstein, who served 13 months for soliciting a minor for prostitution.

“While it’s been reported that the two men were friends, Bill’s name is all over the legal papers, which are chock-full of sordid claims about Epstein,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“This could end up being the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s bid to be president!”

The documents filed in Florida’s Palm Beach Circuit Court, are part of a legal dispute between Epstein and lawyers Scott Rothstein and Bradley Edwards.

The former president’s name pops up frequently in the recently filed papers.

Meanwhile, having her horndog husband named as a friend of a sexual felon is the latest embarrassment for Hillary, who’s been gearing up for a 2016 White House run.

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Hillary was deeply humiliated when Bill was photographed grinning ear-to-ear with two call girls.

Sources told The ENQUIRER the 67-year-old former first lady exploded in anger when she saw a picture of Bill, 68, flirting with the women, who are hookers for hire from the infamous Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada.

Clinton posed with the prostitutes, brunette Ava Adora and blond Barbie Girl, at a Feb. 27 fundraising event in Los Angeles.

And as The ENQUIRER has also revealed, Hillary is already under attack – with her enemies planning to dredge up her skirt-chasing hubby’s sordid behavior to sully the Clinton name.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, a possible 2016 contestant himself, publicly cited Bill’s Oval Office affair with Monica Lewinsky as ammo that can be used to help derail Hillary’s campaign.

Paul’s remarks promoted GOP chairman Reince Preibus to tweet: “Remember all the Clinton scandals…that’s not what America needs again.”

The source added: “Think of the field day Hillary’s enemies will have,” the source added, if these sordid details were to come to light. “Bill and underage girls? Hillary will be toast!”