Tragic End!

Verne Troyer’s Sad Final Days Of Suicidal Rage

Insider says 'bitter' and 'angry' star hated being seen as 'a joke!'

Verne Troyer — the dwarf actor who vaulted to stardom as Mini-Me to Mike Myers‘ Dr. Evil in the “Austin Powers” films — died alone as a miserable and mean drunk at the age of 49. Sadly, that was after the beloved star spent his final months trying to drown his bitterness, anger and pain in a deadly booze binge! Verne had been rushed to a hospital from his Hollywood home on April 3, 2018, and passed away on April 21. The Los Angeles County coroner finally released a ruling on Oct. 10 that Verne’s death by “sequelae of alcohol intoxication” was certified as a suicide — noting that “there is a reported history of depression and chronic alcohol use with recent relapse.” Shortly after Verne’s trip to the emergency room, however, insiders had already told The National ENQUIRER that Verne had seemed determined to take his own life after a constant struggle with depression…