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Martha Stewart’s Oddball Romance With Snoop Dog

Domestic diva shifting style in hip-hop swoon!

Martha Stewart has fallen into an oddball romance with pothead TV co-star Snoop Dogg and is now spouting his hip-hop lingo and matching his weed-puffing ways, The National ENQUIRER has learned from surprised insiders. Since the 77-year-old straitlaced billionaire launched a cooking show with the “Gin and Juice” rapper two years ago, she’s been “following Snoop around the set like a lovesick schoolgirl,” a snitch tattled. “She says words like ‘fo shizzle,’ ‘homie’ and ‘beeotch,’ listening to rap and hip-hop and wearing baggy T-shirts — and even got her own pair of diamond grillz! “She says she’s never felt more free from the ties of her uppity image.” Read on for details of the Matha-Snoop scoop, and click here for news of unlikely romance ….