The Snoop Dogg tour bus made an unexpected stop in Dallas when it was pulled over for an expired registration sticker. 

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Charlie Morgan said members of the commercial inspection team stopped the bus on Interstate 45.

When the doors swung open, they smelled the distinct aroma of  Marijuana

Troopers searched the bus and found two ounces of the dread weed.

Two of Snoop Dogg’s pup posse, Ethan Calhoun, 27, and Kevin Barkey, 26, were arrested after ‘fessing up the contraband herb belonged to them.  They were released on bail after posting $1500 each.

Snoop Dogg aka Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., was asleep onboard the bus but was not arrested nor detained.

Attorney Chris Lewis who repped the two pot offenders said the bus did not have expired tags despite cops’ claims.