If gangsta rapper SNOOP DOGG‘s mom has her way – he’ll soon be preaching the word of the Lord. Exclusive interview!

Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg will soon have an unlikely new career – as a rapper for God, says his mom.

"I recently told Snoop he’d become a preacher, a rapper for God. It made him laugh, but I think he’d be a wonderful preacher," his mother Beverly Broadus Green, a Baptist minister, told The ENQUIRER.

Although Snoop often writes racy lyrics and has been busted for drug and gun offenses, he was raised in a religious environment.

"Snoop went to church with me every Sunday from the time he was 8 until he was 18," says his mom.

"He was a tenor in the church choir, and he has a great understanding of the Bible.

"In fact, he can quote the Bible better than most preachers! I’m convinced he’s going to get a call from God soon."

While the two talk regularly on the phone, Beverly says she hasn’t seen Snoop, 38, or his three children for a while.

While her son has been arrested numerous times, she said: "I am very proud of everything Snoop has accomplished.

"When he becomes a preacher, he’ll be great at it."

Beverly is also the national spokesperson for the Georgia Doty HIV and Hepatitis Community Outreach program.  For further information or if you’d like to make a donation write : Georgia Doty HIV & Hepatitis Inc.  601 E. 32nd St Ph # 3  Chicago, Ill 60616

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